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Rosée Chicken & Pasta

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Grilled seasoned chicken with a creamy tomato sauce and fusilli pasta. All of our gourmet meals are infused with cannabis oil.

Golden Rules for Medical Marijuana Edibles:

  • Go Low and Go Slow
  • Never Mix Edibles with Alcohol or Medication
  • Do Not Drive or Operate Machinery
  • Keep away from Children and Pets
  • Never Serve Medicated Foods without Their Consent
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High (THC: 28.92mg), Low (THC: 17.29mg), Medium (THC: 22.84)

2 reviews for Rosée Chicken & Pasta

  1. Dj

    Wow I can’t beleive this is medicine!! I feel like I just was in Italy and had a pasta made by the top chef there is! I would deffinatly suggest this.

  2. justin richardson

    Wife and I gave this pasta a go, taste was authentic Italian. Killed 4 birds with one stone, no prep time to make a good sauce, pain reduction, put both of us to sleep and put a smile of my wife’s face after a long day. Must try!

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